Since Audrey started smiling, we've called her smile the "Harrison Ford smile" because she does this goofy crooked grin. What do you think?

I just think this is hilarious. :)



About a week after we brought Audrey home, we decided to try giving her her first bath. I was pretty nervous about it because all the babies I've ever known hate bath time. We got out our little book we got from the hospital on how to take care of babies and followed the instructions for bathing a newborn. (I know, we're kind of pathetic.)

Lucky for us, sweet little Audrey LOVES bath time! She completely relaxed and just enjoyed herself as we washed her up.

Luckily for me she still really enjoys bath time. She's starting to be able to smile and make cute "cooing" noises and does so throughout the entire bath time. I'm so lucky to have such a cooperative bather! :)