Audrey Says

Audrey may not be able to crawl yet, but she's a talker!  I wanted to write down all of the things she can say and understand before I forget!

(As of 4/28)

Words Audrey can say:
  • dad
  • mom
  • hi!
  • no
  • banana
  • light
  • uh oh
  • what is it? (she'll hold up whatever she has and say "what is it?" It's probably the cutest thing ever.)
  • more
  • cat
  • "meow"
  • "ruff ruff"
  • outside (says "site")
 Words Audrey can understand but can't say:
  • lovey bunny
  • go bye-bye
  • bottle
  • milk
  • food
  • lunch
  • give kisses
  • give hugs
  • and lots more
and here's a picture, for good measure :)


Sunny Sunday

We took advantage of the record-setting temperatures this Sunday and had a picnic at a park!  It was almost *too* hot by the end of our stay, and it's only April!  Audrey loves this particular park and had a blast exploring their "tots" playground.  I, of course, was standing by with a camera :)

Refusing to smile for the mamarazzi

She's a big girl now!


Proudly showing me some weeds she picked

Her favorite!


My Mommy Workouts

I try to get on my treadmill, I really do.  I have every intention of lifting weights to tone my arms and doing crunches to get rid of my post-baby belly pooch.  Do these things ever happen?  Rarely.  By the end of the day I'm so exhausted from my day that all I feel like doing is eating ice cream on the couch while I watch Biggest Loser.

I signed up for My Fitness Pal and when it came time to put my activity level in, I wasn't sure what to put.  Most people would consider a stay-at-home-mom to be "mostly sitting" but the more I thought about it I realized that I'm more active than just sitting.  Audrey constantly needs my attention and wants to be entertained.  If she's too quiet, I have to get up and see what shes doing making sure she's not eating cat food [again].  There's never a dull moment with this girl around aside from nap time.  Oh, how I cherish nap time.

The biggest workout of my week is our weekly trip to the grocery store.  Audrey *loves* the grocery store.  There is so much to look at and touch.  Unfortunately for her, she has a horribly mean mother who won't let her grab everything she wants.  This means I have to provide other forms of entertainment.  Snacks, toys, sippies, and singing songs, which always gets us some strange looks.  Maybe I should learn more kid songs instead of singing "Living on a Prayer."  These distractions buy me a total of about ten minutes.  I try to go as fast as possible and usually end up sweating just from walking so fast, pushing the cart, and constantly bending over to pick up things Audrey is throwing.  But we always get through it and we both like getting out of the house so overall it's a pleasant experience.  Just physically demanding :)

Today was one of my more interesting grocery trips.  Audrey has started saying words and one of her favorites is "banana" (nanana, actually).  If we point to a picture in her book, she'll excitedly shout "NANANA!" She also knows cat, dog, dad, mom, and uh-oh.  I don't know if she knows what any of them besides dad, mom, and banana mean, but she'll say them if we point to the picture.  Anyway, when we were at the store, I picked up some bananas to buy and Audrey shrieked "NANANA! NANANA!"  I was so proud of her, so I decided to let her hold her precious nananas.  She was really excited about this and giggled throughout the store holding her favorite fruit.  Then things turned sour.  She started whining.  "We're almost done, love!" I said.  She didn't care.  She was getting mad.  Next thing I know, I'm reaching for trash bags and I hear a very angry "NA NA NAAAA!" and feel something hit my back.  Yeah, she threw a banana at me.  My sweet little girl can turn on you so fast!  I thought it was hilarious and couldn't stop laughing, which made Audrey crack up, too.  Hopefully she doesn't think I was okay with having fruit chucked at me, but it was just too funny.