From One Mom to Another: THANK YOU!

Last week, when Audrey woke up at 4am, I rammed my foot into the corner causing me to fall to the floor in pain.  I thought I just stubbed my toe, but after visiting a doctor on Saturday I found out my toe and bone in my foot are broken.  This means I'm not doing much in regards to moving and walking around.  However, this morning I needed some...products...that just couldn't wait until Tony got home.  I ran out of them this morning.  Audrey was being especially grumpy, but I needed to go so I ventured out to Walmart for a quick trip to get the things I needed.

Because of my broken foot I got one of those awesomely embarrassing motorized carts.  Audrey loved it.  She helped me drive the car and I was sure this trip was going to be a success.  I got my things I needed, drove to the checkout, and proceeded to scan my items (I did self-checkout.  It's faster.)  Audrey started her arched-back tantrum and I knew my time was limited.  After I was finished I rolled the cart back into its place, plugged it in, and turned it off like a good person all while Audrey was writhing on the floor screaming and making monster-like noises.  I tried to convince her to hold my hand to walk to the car since I had two bags AND my foot is broken, but she wasn't having it.  I put a bag on each arm, scooped her up, and attempted to carry her squirming body to my car.  I was embarrassed, humiliated, and felt like everyone was staring at me with anything but sympathetic eyes.  I wanted to cry.

As I was hobbling in the parking lot, a sweet mother--about my age, with two kids--comes over to me.  She takes my bags and says, "show me your car."  She held my arm as I walked over with Audrey screaming in our faces.  She helped me put my bags in my car and put Audrey in her car seat.  She helped me walk over to the driver's side and before I got in, gave me a hug and said "don't let it get you down.  We've ALL been there more than once."

I can't even begin to describe the comfort this gave me.  It was the simplest gesture, but it was so thoughtful and loving and just what I needed.

I didn't ask her name but whoever you are, sweet woman at Walmart, THANK YOU.  You truly made my day and helped me through a pretty tough situation.  We need more people like you in the world.  I'm so grateful you were there.


Just a Little Night Music

Audrey and I were playing with some stickers today and she started banging her fists on the table.  She then said, "listen to my song!"  I had to capture what happened next on video.  This girl just continues to blow my mind.

Here's a little music game for you, courtesy of Audrey.