Gus Gus

We've recently learned about Audrey's "baby brudder*."  She brought him up one day by telling me, "mom, I have one baby brudder."  "Oh?" I said.  "What's his name?"  Without skipping a beat she answered me...

"his name is Gus Gus."

She's quite sure that she doesn't have a baby sister anywhere, and will usually correct you if you ask about a sister.  The one time I got her to slip, she told me her sister's name is Lucifer.

Audrey talks about Gus Gus every day, and I am constantly learning new things about him.  For example, he is two inches big.  He also has blue hair and brown eyes.  He really loves Minnie Mouse, and he sleeps in our cat's bed.  Today I asked Audrey if I could see Gus Gus and she got very upset with me and said, "No Mama!  He's TOO STINKY."  Of course.  How silly of me.

Perhaps one day I'll get to meet my only son, Gus Gus.  He sounds like an interesting little fellow.

*DISCLAIMER:  I am not pregnant.  Not even a little bit.  Audrey is making this stuff up completely on her own.