A Letter to My Talented, Confident, Beautiful Daughter

Dear Audrey,

I've been thinking a lot about how confident you are.  I love it.  It's my favorite thing in the whole world to see.  I'm worried that as you grow up you'll lose it and I don't ever want that to happen.  I wanted to tell you a few things about being beautiful, strong, confident, and happy.

I know I'm your dorky mom, but hear me out for a second.

Growing up in our society is hard.  For whatever reason, the media tries to make us think certain images, ways of life, looks are what should be beautiful and desirable.  Usually these things are unrealistic but for some reason we all tend to buy into it.  There is nothing wrong with wanting to feel and look beautiful.  However, in my opinion, it has nothing to do with your outside.  Nothing to do with what clothes you wear, how much makeup you have on, or what your hair looks like.  Even though I know these things, I still struggle with the desire to want to be "beautiful" according to the world's standards.  It's really a sad thing because I have such a wonderful life and wonderful people in it who love me very much.  Once I remind myself of that, I always feel much better about myself.

I want you to want to be healthy and happy.  Your attitude and confidence definitely will show and other people can see it.  The more confident and happy you are, the more beautiful you become.  It's okay to want to wear nice clothes, have a nice haircut, and wear makeup, but I never want you to hide behind any of these things or think they make you better.

Last night as your dad and I were singing songs to you before bed, you listened to dad's guitar and danced slowly and gently to his lullabies.  I began to giggle at your dancing, then realized how confident you were in yourself at that moment and how happy you were to just be feeling the power and beauty of music.  I hope with everything that I am that that never changes in you.

Some of your favorite things to say are, "I'm so big!",  "I'm so strong!", "I am SO beautiful!" and I know that you may not know exactly what they mean right now, but I hope you continue to say and believe those things.  I know it's going to be hard.  Just remember I'll be right here to help remind you how big, strong, and beautiful you are and always will be.

Love always and forever,

Your Mama