Another Grocery Store Post

The grocery store used to be a place of escape for me during the day.  It was an opportunity to get out of the house and Audrey always loved going out and looking around.  Lately, that's not the case.  I dread going to the store with Audrey.  She hates the cart, she hates sitting there for that long, she hates that I won't give her everything she wants, she just hates the store.  It's gotten to the point where as she sees the store when we pull up she starts crying.

Mondays are our grocery days, so I had to gear up today for another stressful time at the store.  I was surprised at how well Audrey did this time, though!  She asked me what things were and was pretty chill for the most part until we got to the....wait for it....MEAT SECTION.  Yep, that's right.  Not the toy aisle, not even the candy aisle, but the meat section.  As we browsed through the meat for our meals this week Audrey spotted a pot roast, asked for it, and got denied.  I'm not making roast this week, so I kindly told her "sorry, we're not getting pot roast!"




The rest of the trip was not very fun.  It was me running as fast as I could through aisles, sweating like a pig, and trying to calm down my tantrum-throwing baby who was freaking out because she wanted a pot roast.  The only thing that calmed her down was the samples they were handing out today.  She was even asking for them herself by doing the sign for "more" to the workers handing them out. 

Looking back, it's pretty funny that Audrey lost her crap over a pot roast.  I blame Tony for her loving meat so much. :)


Audrey Turns ONE!

Let me just begin by saying that where I come from, first birthday parties are huge deals.  The party I threw for Audrey was "casual" by those standards.  Having said that, here's a rundown of Audrey's first birthday party!

The theme I chose was "You Are My Sunshine."  I sing it often to her before bed, and since she has a summer birthday I wanted something sunny and bright.  Thanks to Pinterest, I got PLENTY of ideas and may have gone a bit crazy with some things :).  I made all of the decorations, cake(s), and designed the invitations in Photoshop.  It turned out pretty cute, and Audrey seemed to have a fun time.

Here are (tons of) picture from her "You Are My Sunshine" first birthday:

Dessert table

Homemade cake and fondant flowers
Food table, tried to get a picture of the banner I made...it was too windy!
Ah, that's better :)
While mama and grandma were stressing out, Audrey was her normal goofball self and played all over the playground.

Cake smash time!!

It was so fun to plan her birthday party, and it was fun to watch her enjoy it.  Lucky little duck got to fly to Indiana with me a week later and have ANOTHER birthday party!  Our little sunshine is a toddler now!  I can't wait to throw her more parties in the future.

Love you, Audrey Bear!


Family Road Trip

Before a couple weeks ago, the three of us had never been on family vacation!  We had always been with either Tony's parents or my parents.  Not that there's anything wrong with that, of course. :)  We decided to take a mini vacation over Memorial Day weekend and headed to Denver, CO.  Neither of us had been and we figured it would be less crowded and less expensive than other places like San Diego over the holiday weekend.

Audrey did fabulously in the car.  I probably complained more than she did.  She loved our hotel room and slept relatively well.  She cut BOTH of her top teeth on the trip so she struggled a bit at night with the pain from that.  We went to the Denver zoo, which was HUGE, and to the children's museum there as well.  It was all about Audrey but we sure had fun, too!  I'm just going to unload all of our pictures and hope that I can explain what each of them is.

Denver Zoo Day:

We ate at a nearby Mexican restaurant.  It was SO yummy and Audrey loved her black bean soup.

Children's Museum:
(we really loved this place because they had a HUGE area just for babies and toddlers!  You had to take your shoes off, wear these special booties, and the floor was super soft so the babes could crawl around pain-free.   We spent probably an hour in this area.  Audrey had a blast exploring and meeting other kids.)

Playing in the firefighter exhibit.
Learning how to crawl UNDER smoke.  I thought it was water and was really confused.  It made much more sense when Tony explained that it was supposed to be smoke :)

Baby area!

Our super awesome booties.  I actually thought Audrey's were pretty dang cute, lol

"Moooom quit taking pictuuuuuures."

Okay, how stinking cute it she?!

I don't know if you can tell, but there's a poof of smoke in the picture.  That's what happened when Tony popped this bubble. :)

Of course, Audrey was enthralled with the HUGE magnet board.

Ah, the maraca. We were quickly browsing through the gift shop, not really planning to buy anything when Audrey spotted this maraca.  She picked it up, shook it, and it was love at first sight.  When we tried to put it back she lost it and so Tony caved and bought it for her :).  It was only $2, and we hadn't gotten any souvenirs yet :)  She slept with it that night, haha.
Okay, I'll stop with the pictures!  We had a really fun time on our short trip.  I could have used *one* more day, but it was still fun and it was nice to spend time with Tony and not have to clean!  The housekeeping service at the hotel was probably my favorite part.  I can't wait to take more fun family trips!