I'm Already THAT Mom

As you're all aware, Audrey is very much into Disney princesses.  Mostly their songs and dresses.  We have a CD that she got for her birthday that's a collection of songs from all of the various princess movies.  We listen to it at least once a day (mostly so I can cook dinner while she "dances").  I find myself singing along as I do my chores, but my favorite is when the song from Snow White comes on.

I've always thought Snow White's voice was super annoying, and I think it's great fun to sing this song in the highest, nasal-iest voice I can.  Audrey hates when I do it.  Actually, I think she thinks it's half funny, half annoying.  She always says "Mama, you're not Snow White.  No singing."  Oh, I should mention I also sing the prince's part in my manliest voice :).  I do it every time and Audrey gets so bugged.  I think it's funny.

Audrey had dance class on Halloween and they all got to wear their costumes.  It was a class full of princesses.  Audrey was having a blast, and all the moms were hanging out in the studio waiting for the teacher to show up.  One little girl walked in dressed as Snow White.  Audrey turned around, looked me dead in the eye, and said ever-so-seriously, "Mama.  DO NOT sing that song."

I couldn't help but bust up laughing.  I already embarrass Audrey, and she's only two years old.  Awesome.

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