Christmas 2013

It seems like each year with Audrey Christmas gets more fun.  I feel like this year she kind of understood Santa a little better, and was really excited about Christmas.  It was fun to see all the magic through her eyes.  I took a lot of pictures, so this post will pretty much just be a picture post with captions :)

Audrey asked if she could write a love letter to Santa.  Here she is thoughtfully composing it on Christmas Eve.

Audrey was pretty specific about what snacks should be left out for Santa.  She wanted to leave him three cookies (that's usually the amount I let her have of these) and some water.  I asked her why she didn't want to leave out milk and she said that Santa needs to drink water because it's healthy.  So, Santa got cookies and water from us.  She also left some walnuts and an apple for Rudolph.  Only Rudolph.  I'm not sure how the other reindeer felt about that, but Audrey was only concerned about Rudolph this year.

Santa, being the good guy he is, wrote Audrey back.  He left this nice letter by his empty plate of cookies.

Audrey asked Santa for this "Sofia Amulet."  It's not an amulet at all.  It's a music player with microphone that plays songs from Sofia the First.  She was pretty excited to see that Santa had left it for her and still sings with it every day.

Audrey got a pretty full stocking this year, complete with bunny slippers.

She was so careful in opening her stocking, examining every little thing that was in it.

(Not pictured) Audrey for some reason was expecting to get a Sofia dress for Christmas.  When she realized she wasn't getting one we kind of had a problem.  She kept checking every gift (whether it was for her or not) to see if it was the dress she was hoping for.  Have no fear, grandma and grandma Grey saved us!  I knew my mom had sent her a dress up so we called them up quickly and asked if we could open that present early.  It saved Christmas.

I'm so glad Audrey enjoyed Christmas.  It really makes it lots of fun to have a kid around.  I hope everyone else had a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

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